How to Spot a Spiritual Asshole

Not everyone who loves spiritual study and healing is as ‘spiritual’ as you might think.

In fact, the spiritual and holistic world attracts it’s fair share of assholes, egotists and bullies just like any other. People tend to find this surprising when I tell them, – I mean, surely a Reiki master should be living in perfect peace and bliss?! WHAT?! 

People studying or teaching spirituality couldn’t possibly be un-spiritual could they?!

Well the answer is always, oh hell yes! 

There are more unspiritual masters than I have time to count, and there are plenty more people who will use spirituality as a rod to beat you with and make you feel bad about yourself, so they can feel better.

So watch out and read my 5 top tips to spot a Spiritual Asshole:

1. They are super-duper, ultra, mega spiritual and tell EVERBODY about it!

The big egos of the spiritual circuit just HAVE to let everyone know how much more spiritual they are than everyone else (think Ultra Spiritual with JP on YouTube! Yep, that’s them!) You will know exactly which retreat they went to, what they ate, how long they meditated for and probably get an unflattering  low down of everyone else there, just for good measure. They’re ‘not judging’ it’s just their spiritual opinion you know….

They probably tell you all about their spiritual daily regime which includes unrealistic sounding hours of self healing, meditation, yoga and more because they’re like, you know SOOO spiritual.

2. They’re competitive 

If you practise 5 therapies, they do 10. If you’re a level 2, they’re a master. 

I’ve encountered a shocking number of super competitive spiritual assholes, always trying to get one up at “light worker” networking events or fairs. They say things like “Oh, you ONLY do Reiki, well I do supercalafragilistic healing which is MUCH more advanced. Passive aggressive hardly covers it! So many masters, so little time…

3. They have no empathy when you need understanding

Yep – when you confide in a spiritual person, you’re hoping for understanding without judgment, but these folks will just spout ‘spiritual truths’ without helping you actually deal with whatever you’re going through. This can leave you feeling inadequate, angry and possibly ashamed too. 

These are the ones who heartlessly tell you “pain isn’t real” when you’re going through a painful breakup. That is NOT ok! You have my permission to punch them and repeat that line back to them!

4. They pretend to be super-human

You can expect to hear then say things like ‘I don’t feel anger anymore” and other nonsense like that. It’s a big fat lie, they’re probably still simmering inside about the fact your hair looks better than theirs…

They will probably compare themselves to avatars like Jesus, and spend hours boasting about all the human feelings and failings they think they’ve risen above – *spoiler alert* they haven’t.

5. They JUDGE

I’ve put this in all caps because it’s JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE! Yes we all judge, it’s a human failing, but we try not to. These people have turned it into an art form. But it’s ok because they’re ‘not judging’ just observing from a spiritual standpoint, which includes pointing out everyone else’s failings, whilst admitting to none themselves. In fact they don’t even have any karma and didn’t need to incarnate in this lifetime either…yeah riiiight.

So please beware! 

Not every ‘spiritual’ person wants to help you – some are just narcopaths looking for an ego boost, and you might be their next victim.

Of course nobody is perfect, and everyone has their foibles, but Spiritual Assholes are just that – assholes.  You are OK and doing the best you can, and if a Spiritual Asshole has hurt you in the past, I’m very sorry. You didn’t deserve that, and neither did I.

So next time you meet a so-called spiritual person who makes you feel about 2 inches high, angry, frustrated and ashamed, please remember that you may be in the presence of a Spiritual Asshole, and you are not required to listen to their nonsense or put up with their abuse.

In fact, I’d recommend that you run like hell, and remember this…

Don’t let the Spiritual Assholes drag you down!