I’m Nuts for Coconuts!

Well what can I say – I LOVE coconuts! Most of us think of Bounty bars or dessicated coconut in a plastic bag when we think of coconuts, but there is a lot more to this wonderful, tropical seed of the coconut palm than you think…

Over the past year, as part of my new vegan lifestyle I’ve been trying some things out, and somehow I started testing all the wonderful coconut products available.

I have to say – the coconut is our friend!

Organic Coconut Oil

You can eat it, cook with it, clean your teeth, wash your face, moisturise your skin, and deep condition your hair with it to name but a few. Wow! What’s not to like?

There is one drawback though, coconut oil unlike many other plant based oils, is actually solid at room temperature. This means that there is a risk it can clog up your drains a bit so use with caution in your beauty regime!

I have to say my face has looked amazing since I’ve been using it to wash with, and I cover my hair with it before I put my regular bleach on it when I’m touching up my roots. I’m very impressed with the healing & smoothing properties – my skin has never felt to soft or smelt so great!

Coconut Milk & Cream

I’m becoming addicted to coconuts all round at the moment. My vegan diet excludes dairy, and I have to say coconut milk is very nice indeed – especially the chocolate variety by Kara. Yummy!

kara chocolate coconut milk

I also love to add coconut milk or coconut cream to my cooking. It adds a beautifully cream and tropical flavour. Wonderful in curries and for making creamy sauces – who needs creme fraiche anyway?! It’s very rich so not something I would choose to put in my tea, but pretty darn good in coffee.

Coconut Water

Another coconut discovery has been coconut water. Reputedly a highly effective rehydrator for the human body, containing both potassium and electrolytes. I first tried it last year, after my first ever Bikram Yoga class.

Bikram Yoga is a form of hot yoga done in a 40 degree room, and boy oh boy do you sweat! It’s very important to replenish your fluid levels afterwards and coconut water gets full marks from me.

The only time I forgot to have any coconut water after Bikram Yoga and had regular water instead, I ended up with a dehydration headache so there’s definitely something to be said for it.

I’ve also read that in an emergency, the water from a coconut can be used instead of an IV drip – impressive!

Let’s hope I wont need to test that theory anytime soon, but it goes to show just how amazing the humble coconut really is.