Is 2016 going too fast?

This year is certainly March-ing on (d’you see what I did there?) and I keep hearing from friends and clients that they just don’t feel they can keep up.

I’ve been feeling rather under the weather myself these past few weeks, so I had a read of the Year of the Monkey predictions my guides dictated to me last month and I’m resonating with most of it right now! Ouch!

It feels like this year is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster so I just wanted to reach out to all you peeps in cyberspace and make sure you’re taking care of yourselves!

Rest and proper relaxation are so important right now. If you feel like you need a massage or a Reiki session, then go get one!

Stress hormones are extremely harmful and the urge to keep going and ‘Power Through’ despite the pain is very strong in our society. But right now that is a really bad idea unless you want to crash and burn.

We are moving into a new phase of spiritual growth and enlightenment where many changes will be needed in our world. So this isn’t only about you feeling well, it’s about you being well enough to help others too.

From another perspective, your inner world reflects your outer world, so by taking care of you, on a spiritual level you are actually helping to take care of the rest of us and the planet.

And you thought you couldn’t make a difference…

We all have important work to do this year for the good of our home planet and to help and support each other. I know you are feeling the ‘call to action’ vibes that are bouncing around us! Angels and Spirit Guides are doing their best to make themselves known and encourage us to work with them.

But first, we must rest and take time out to heal ourselves and become the brightest, shiniest versions of ourselves that we can be.

Are you ready to shine?

With Love Helen

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Not sure which Holistic Therapy to pick? Here’s a handy guide!

Angel Wings Reiki – Ideal for stress

Metamorphic Technique – For letting go and moving on

 Hopi Ear Candling – Helps blocked ears, nose and head

Indian Head Massage – Great for stress, neck, back and head tension

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