It wasn’t meant to be…

Ah, those immortal words that we hear so often from well meaning family and friends when we fail to get the job we want, a relationship goes wrong or there’s some other upset in our lives.

I have to admit that I really don’t like that saying at all.

Not just because I associate it with difficult times in my life, and that makes me feel bad, but because it always feels so horribly disempowering and rather patronising.

“How do you know?!” I want to shout back.

How do they know indeed?

If somebody else did better than me in a job interview, then that’s just what happened on the day. If my partner decided to break up with me, he had his reasons for that. Maybe I did something wrong that I can learn from, or maybe he just had issues that he found he was unable to deal with.

All I know for sure is that I did the best I could with the information I had at the time. Somebody taking away my power by telling me “it wasn’t meant to be” really isn’t helpful. It just makes me wonder why I bothered!

I honestly believe that we are very much in control of our own destiny and lines like “it wasn’t meant to be” just infuriate me.

It seems to encourage us to give up without a fight, to let go of what we want and accept that we are merely helpless pawns in some cosmic game of chess.

I refuse to give up just because I get knocked back a few times. That’s no recipe for success!

Imagine a child trying to take her first steps but falling down and her family saying

“Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be. You’ll never walk!”

How ridiculous!

I believe this is a friendly universe, we get back what we send out and we are far more in control of our own destiny than society, religion and those in power want us to realise. We are only now beginning to understand the law of attraction and how we directly influence our reality with our thoughts and feelings.

Society puts so much emphasis on what we can’t do rather than what we can. I can’t help thinking how wrong that is.

I fear that we’ve become a society of helpless victims, mindless, non-ambitious sheep believing whatever depressing nonsense the media spews at us. Most have become comfortable in mediocrity, and fallen into the trap of believing that they’ll never really better themselves. They gave up too easily on their dreams instead of battling on, because they believed it wasn’t meant to be.

In truth, the only thing we can’t control in life is other people. (OK, and earthquakes, natural disasters etc but you get my point!)

Even so, we can change situations dramatically by changing how we react to other people and how we choose to be and think.

Maybe whatever unpleasant experience you had, actually happened exactly how it WAS meant to be based on the choices you made at the time. There was no failure, just life experience and a chance to do better next time armed with new knowledge. It may even be worth having another go or taking a different approach!

Things happen because of the choices made by the people involved, not by some cruel fate or incontrollable destiny that we are all slaves to.

This may seem to be an unusual opinion to be coming from a working psychic medium. As you may know, I carry out psychic readings and make future predictions for my clients.

People come to me for advice about their lives and a glimpse of their future. I always try to make it very clear that the information I give them is based on current circumstances, and that they can always change things by making different choices.

Nothing is ever cast in stone. Fact.

So, don’t you let anybody tell you what is or isn’t meant to be in your life. You make the choices and you alone are in control.

Go get’em tiger!