Love from the Other Side

As a working medium, something I get asked by a lot of people is for reassurance that their loved ones who have passed over are alright.

People worry that they might be suffering, or angry about unresolved issues or perhaps blame them for things that happened.

It’s understandable. Many of us believe in life after death, but without the ability to contact our loved ones, we don’t know if they’re ok or if they are cross with us, still holding a grudge or perhaps we worry that they blame us for their passing or for not being there when it happened.

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I’d like to dispell a few myths and bring some reassurance for anybody who has ever lost somebody.

When people pass to the other side, they are met by their family & friends who have passed before them, and they are looked after. Their family and friends come to “meet them at the door” and help with their passing into the spirit world.

They leave any earthly suffering behind, and they will be happy and content. It’s something of a fresh start and I can promise you that they are alright.

They are always sad to leave us behind in this world but they are never far away, and they can hear our thoughts when we think of them. They don’t hold grudges about things that happened and they still love us just as they did in life, if not more because they are able to get a better perspective on things from the other side.

Our loved ones often try to contact us to reassure us that they are ok, and very often they will do this in dreams. (This goes for pets too by the way.)

This is because the conscious mind (that might otherwise block the communication or make you think it wasn’t real) is out of action when we sleep, so it leaves other more receptive parts of our brain open to communication. For example, you may have a very realistic dream about them still being alive, and having a lovely time together and wake up convinced it was real. This is often a hallmark of spirit communication through your dreams.

They may also move objects around in your home that might have been special to them or perhaps the doorbell or the telephone will ring, but there’s nobody there.  This sort of physical phenomena are less common, but perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. It’s just a sign that people in spirit are trying to make their presence known.

Another thing to note is that when people pass over, they often do it when they’re on their own. This makes it easier for them. I often hear reports along the lines of a person’s grandma was in hospital dying with her family around her, but passed away while they were downstairs getting a coffee, and they feel terrible for not being there at her last moment. Please don’t feel bad. In those cases your loved one chose to slip away while you weren’t there. It’s very common and nothing to worry about. It was their choice to go when they did, you didn’t “abandon” them, and they are fine on the other side.

If you need any further reassurance or if you have specific questions, you can contact  me to book your appointment for a session of mediumship in which I will bring through messages from the other side on your behalf.

You can never guarantee exactly who is going to come through with a message, but I have had success in pinpointing specific people upon request and communicating with those who are able to.

You’ll also note that I don’t refer to people who have passed over as “dead” because they aren’t. They just aren’t on this earth any more. I prefer to call them Spirit People. They are very much alive and well, just in a different form.

Please remember that your loved ones in the Spirit World are sending you love and blessings right now. Every day, every minute. They love you and they always will.

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