Music and Emotions – What are you manifesting?

Music really is a powerful mood enhancer isn’t it?  Filmmakers know this, we all know how a movie can take us on emotional roller-coaster with powerful tunes, haunting melodies – we are like putty in their hands!

But there is so much more to music than simply giving us some good feelings or a scary sound track to enhance the latest slasher film.

Certain music can help you to meditate. We all know how you can get lost in a melody or rhythm, and enter an almost trace-like state of peace and bliss. Music is one of the things that really helps to quieten the ego or monkey mind. The right kind of music can be a great help to those of us working on our psychic abilities and awareness.

What most people don’t appreciate however, is that melodies and music are powerful emotional influencers and should be used with caution and discernment. Yes, you read  that right!

Equally, the words of songs are like mantra, or affirmations if you will. What you repeat, you are affirming to yourself, programming your mind to believe, and manifesting as your reality.  Sing a song over and over, especially one that evokes strong emotions, and the universe will start trying to create those affirmations as your reality.

Be careful what you listen to my friends!

You can manifest all kinds of things into your life that you may or may not want, just by listening to certain types of music!

It may be time to rethink how often you listen to that Adele album you just bought. As beautiful as her melodic voice is, do you really want to manifest pain & heartbreak in your life right now? And if you’re already suffering, do you really want to prolong the agony?

I know far too many people who spend a lot of time listening to sad love songs, only to experience the same themes manifesting in their own lives. Granted, the songs may resonate with them because they recognise the energy and perhaps it matches their current situation, or reminds them a past break-up, making them feel understood and perhaps bringing about some feelings of camaraderie – after all, misery loves company.

But, a word of warning. If you allow yourself to stay in that energy – guess what you’re going to manifest. Yep, that’s right. More of the same!

People are often surprised when I say that I’d rather not listen to a certain song because the energy doesn’t suit me, being too lamenting or sad, but I have good reason. Those are not feelings I want to manifest in my life!

I don’t want to be sad and I certainly don’t want to create any reasons to lament either, thank you very much.

I can look back at my life and see times where I may actually have polluted my own energy with music that was too sad, down, pessimistic or just heartbreaking. And guess what situations I manifested in my life – yes, you’ve got it. Sadness, pessimism and heartbreak! I wish somebody had warned me…

These days I know better and I stick to positive, uplifting music or calming meditative music depending on what I’m trying to create or achieve.

Remember, music creates thoughts and feelings in you, and your thoughts and feelings create your reality.

Music is like a melodic manifestation of pure emotion, and feelings are the key to manifesting the desires that you dare to dream, and the nightmares you hope to avoid.

So choose what you listen to with care, or that break-up song you like so much may become your reality!