Natural Living Fail #1 – “Natural” Deodorant

Well the trial of using the Fresh Apricot scented natural deodorant made by Tom’s of Maine didn’t go as well as expected.

It smells nice, but certainly doesn’t keep you fresh and odour free for 24 hours as the packaging boasts. I would say 6-8 at a push, and only if you don’t get hot or do any exercise.

It was an expensive purchase at over £4 but I was impressed with the environmentally responsible claims made on the back about sustainability, recycling and how the product contained no artificial nasties, no aluminium and how they source all the products.

The big problem for me was that after using the product for a week, the skin under my arms started peeling. I was a little surprised, because that’s never happened before. I didn’t appear to have a rash as such, but the skin kept peeling off leaving the remaining skin red and raw.

I had a look on the internet trying to find out why this might be. Various sources suggested that it might just be my body “adapting” while others suggested an allergic reaction.  I spoke to a friend who is an experienced complimentary therapist. She looked horrified and simply said

“If something takes your skin off, that’s not a good sign!”

It reminded me of something my dad told me when I was younger – just because something’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Remember, stinging nettles are natural and so is Deadly Nightshade!

I finally went on to the website and read the reviews on the product. It seems I’m not alone, and this rather unpleasant side effect is a known problem.

I’m a little disappointed, and for now I’ve switched back to my regular anti-perspirant. It may not be perfect, but at least my skin will be intact!