Oh no! It’s Friday 13th!

Friday 13th. The most maligned day in our Western calendar.

Apparently everything that can go wrong, will go wrong on Friday 13th. We are warned to expect disaster and statistics show that this day is the worst for employees pulling a sickie from work – out of fear!

But what’s so wrong with Friday 13th? Other than some scary movies, I don’t remember anything particularly bad ever happening to me on any Friday 13th. As I recall it’s always been pretty much a regular working day. Except that it isn’t.

Every time Friday 13th comes around, I witness otherwise rational adults turn into superstitious basket-cases, making forecasts of doom like ancient soothsayers and eagerly listening out for stories of misery and misfortune to validate their expectations.

Oh no!

Well here’s the deal people. Once and for all: THERE IS NOTHING TO BE SCARED OF!

Friday 13th is not going to be a bad or unlucky day… unless you expect it to be.

Yes that’s right. Your expectation of misfortune actually makes it more likely to happen.

It’s nothing personal, that’s just how the Law of Attraction works. You magnetise to you, people and situations that match your thoughts.
If you insist on believing that Friday 13th is going to be a bad day and have lots of fearful and negative thoughts, guess what? You will attract negative people and situations, and it may well become a bad day!

Congratulations! You have just created a self fulfilling prophesy.

According to Wikipedia, there is no clear origin for the superstition around Friday 13th, and it certainly wasn’t a widespread belief until 20th Century which to me, smacks of yet another urban legend that people have fallen for.

Some popular theories include:

– Friday has been considered an “unlucky” day since the Canterbury Tales (which is a work of fiction by the way) and 13 is an unlucky number, so Friday 13th must be disastrous!
Hmm… storytelling leading to popular belief… always a worry! 

– Jesus was supposedly crucified on a Friday making it “unlucky” – why would that make every Friday a bad day?

– On Friday 13th October 1307 the Knights Templar were allegedly arrested in France and falsely charged with heresy.
All well and good, but that was one date, October 13th. Why would we consider every Friday 13th to be unlucky?!

– 13 is unlucky because it comes after number 12 which symbolises completion, there are 13 witches in a coven and card 13 in the Tarot deck is the Death card! Well yes, all of these things are true, but none of them are unlucky or bad. Some of the nicest people I know are witches, and the Death card is very positive and indicates new beginnings!

From a spiritual viewpoint, Friday 13th isn’t a negative day at all.

Numerology tells us that the number 13 is in fact a very powerful number representative of spiritual awareness. 

Friday has also long been associated with the Goddess of love, so how can this possibly be an “unlucky” day?

A day of love coupled with spiritual awareness is just what we could use in our world today! A day of loving kindness, compassion and healing to bring all peoples together from all nations. What a wonderful notion!
To me that has a powerful spiritual and feminine quality to it. 

Superstition is never based on Love though is it, it always comes from Fear. In fact, it’s often based on irrational fears, made up stories or worse yet, fear-mongering put about by those who would wish to control and manipulate us. 


As a spiritual, non-religious person, something that never ceases to amaze me is that many people equate “spiritual” with “superstitious”  and assume that I must be highly superstitious!
I’m really not. I’m not even remotely superstitious. I walk under ladders and everything! I don’t freak out when I see one magpie either. It’s just a bird, people!

What does interest me is the ancient wisdom that can be found in old sayings and folklore. There is much to be learned and gleaned from the old ways, but superstition rarely contains any wisdom and has no place in our modern world. We really should know better.

At best it’s an entertaining oddity that gives us a few laughs, but at worst, it can cause pain, suffering, excess worry, incite cruelty to animals and distrust of others.

So celebrate this Friday 13th! Change the energy around the day and look forward to it! 

Let’s turn Friday 13th into a celebration of love, spiritual awareness and our ability to use the Law of Attraction for GOOD! 
No more attracting “bad luck” through worry and anxiety about a silly superstition. Use your energy to manifest good things and make it a happy “lucky” day instead.

This Friday 13th get ready to say Happy Luck Day!

Happy Law of Attraction Day!

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Get ready to take control of your life and feel great!