Please vote for Autism Mum in Business Awards!

Hello friends,

I have a rather special request for you today.

You may have heard of the Venus Awards which are awards recognising women in business.

This year, there is a rather special entrant who has caught my eye and whom I would humbly ask you to support.

Her name is Mel Thomsett and she’s been nominated for Business Mother of the Year.

This very kind lady is a pillar of strength and a fountain of inspiration whom I’ve admired for many years now. I’m lucky enough to call her a friend and I’m so incredibly proud of what she has achieved.

Mel is mum to two children, one with Autism whom she has cared for and fought for his whole life. She was inspired to set up shop after finding herself despairing that she could not find suitable seamless clothes for her extremely sensitive autistic son. Poor Archie went barefoot for 2 whole years until Mel finally tracked down a small manufacturer making absolutely seamless clothing in the USA.

Determined that no other parent or special child should have to suffer the same way, she started to spread the word, and set up her own business to help other Autism parents.

Mel has worked tirelessly to set up and successfully run a local business called the Sensory Smart Store.

This online shop specialises in helping children with special needs to find clothing, special educational books and accessories to help them to lead normal lives whilst dealing with challenging illnesses, physical disabilities and debilitating conditions such as Autism, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorders and physical challenges facing children having to wear Splints or Braces.

Many of these exceptional and life-changing products have been sourced by Mel at great length and she imports them from other countries at no extra cost to the customers.

This incredible lady has been nominated for Business Mother of the Year in this year’s Venus Awards, and I would be extremely grateful if you could find it in your heart to cast your vote for her, and help put hard working Autism Mums on the map.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.