Reiki for Animals Practitioner Training

Are you new to Reiki and want to help a beloved pet or horse?

Maybe you are already a Reiki practitioner but want to improve your skills and start working with your furry friends!

Then this workshop is for you!

Animals are very receptive to Reiki, and absolutely love receiving it, so why deprive your fur-babies of your wonderful healing gifts?

This certificated workshop can be taken by anyone. An existing Reiki qualification is an advantage but not required.

Attendance will enable you to become a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner.

You will receive one Reiki attunement and you will be taught how to give Reiki to all kinds of different animals, how they respond and what precautions to take.

This is an ideal skill for animal lovers, pet owners, equestrians, veterinary professionals and volunteers to animal rescue centres to learn.

Also makes an ideal taster before you move on to Reiki I Training!

Just £90


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