So you Wanna be Rich?

You don’t get Rich by buying a Rich Man’s car.

You don’t get Wealthy by buying the Trappings of Wealth – the clothes, the shoes, the house, the DVD player.

You can’t buy your way to wealth just like you can’t buy your way to happiness or health, although the advertisers would try to convince you otherwise.

Remember, these things are called trappings because they are a TRAP.

The people who set these traps, who would have us buy, buy, buy, have no interest in your achieving wealth or financial freedom.

True Abundance comes from within and depends on many factors. I find it a pity that we often separate Financial Abundance from Spiritual Abundance and for some reason we’ve bene taught that they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

The truth is the complete opposite! We are abundant spiritual beings, expressing ourselves in human form right now. We were born to be abundant on ALL levels not to live empoverished lives feeling guilty about whether we have too much or too little, or trying to keep up with the Joneses.

True Abundance lives within you and is just waiting to be discovered. Money is no more and no less spiritual than anything else.

As I’ve said before, it’s simply an energy of exchange, a physical manifestation of the abundance and joyful plenty of the universe.

So if you want to be Abundant and Happy, put down the credit cards! This journey starts within…

Pot of Gold I believe firmly that there is a spiritual solution to every problem. That’s why I have created the Personal Prosperity Solution for you. In a private one on one session, I will give you a snapshot of your money blueprint and the factors affecting your life and prosperity.

We will create a detailed picture of the past influences, present position and what you need to do to maximise the future potential growth of your wealth and abundance. I will work with my spirit guides to help clear any spiritual blockages to your wealthy and abundant future. 

I learned a long time ago that my spiritual gifts could be used in more practical matters such as money and business.

In our ever evolving and more enlightened society, these spiritual abilities, and the wisdom that they bring are becoming recognised for the previously overlooked, and sometimes crucial assistance, that they can provide in our day to day lives.

If you would like to book your Personal Prosperity Solution or have an informal chat about how I can help you, then please get in touch.

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True Abundance comes from Spiritual Growth.