Spiritual Highs

I had the privilege of meeting a very powerful Indigo soul recently. Her energy took me a little by surprise and I found myself feeling really calm and a little spaced out. She ignighted something within me, something that my higher self recognised, and took me to a place of spiritual connection and wonderment.

I was floating around on a cloud for the rest of the day, experiencing a deep calm and serenity, coupled with feeling so connected to everything and everyone. Seeing colours more vividly, hearing noises more loudly and experiencing life in what felt like 4D.

Trippy man!

It made me remember just how wonderful and blissful out spiritual nature truly is. How relaxation, calm and peace are our true nature, and how we tend to forget this most of the time because we can’t feel it most of the time. We disconnect, we get stuck in stress, fear, anxiety, worry, anger. We lose faith in ourselves, in others and in the universe.

Sometimes we need to reconnect back to our original source, our divine nature, and remember what it feels like. And it feels so wonderful! That’s exactly what my encounter with the blessed Indigo soul did for me.

Our nature is not bad, angry or selfish, it’s all encompassing, grandiose but humble, childlike but wise and so very, very peaceful. I wish I could share the feeling with you all right now.

Meditation will get you close to the feeling of being one with source, but for me the feeling of total awareness, of childlike wonder for this beautiful wordly realm and the powerful and bewildering interconnectedness you feel is something that you must have your eyes open to truly experience. It’s beyond perfection.

For the first time in a long time I feel relaxed, calm and at peace with the world. All I want to do is spread love, blessings and joy all around me, and yet as I write these words I am aware of how fleeting this experience is, for the negative thoughts and doubts are gathering like dark storm clouds around me, ready to jump in again when I drop my guard, next time I get caught up in drama, in blaming, in anger.

I thank heaven for these moments of clarity and bliss. The last one I can remember was in 2006. This time I will do my best to stay a little more connected, to stay linked, not to be dragged back “down to earth” by my ego, my earthly self.

Much as I love the connected feeling however, it’s equally important to remember that we can’t stay 100% connected all the time. If we remain on too much of a spiritual high, we feel great, but we can neglect our earthly life which is, after all, what we are here to live and experience. Our body temple can also suffer from neglect in this exalted state, as we can forget to look after it.

In the words of one of my spiritual teachers;

“You can end up with no milk in the fridge and no toilet paper in the bathroom. Or worse, with toilet paper in the fridge and milk in the bathroom!”

Regrettably, many of my colleagues in the spiritual and holistic fields make the mistake of assuming that to be any sort of “spiritual” healer or teacher, they are required to be permanently connected 100% to the divine, and living in joy and peace without any other negative emotions or experiences. Now this is pretty impossible to achieve over any extended period of time for anyone.

Many of them feel pressure to “fake it” and make out that they no longer feel anger, stress, sadness or and of the less desirable emotions, albeit to their own detriment. Bottling these unhappy feelings up is like filling your body with toxic waste. They need to be expressed, and as spiritual beings having a human experience, we will continue to need to express them many times yet! Take a load off my friends – you’re not supposed to be perfect!

When these spiritual highs and moments of joy and clarity arrive in your life, welcome them and enjoy them wholeheartedly. Enjoy the ride, and squeal with delight at the crazy ticker-tape parade of your soul-found, heart-expanding bliss. But don’t feel bad because you can’t stay there forever. It’s ok, you’re not supposed to.

Love and Blessings xx