Spirituality Vs Technology?

I am often asked questions about how technology and electronic devices affect my psychic abilities.

Chatting to some of my spiritually minded friends recently, I took out my iPhone to show my friend an Oracle Card app that I recently acquired, which enables you to have your own reading using a virtual deck.
We got to talking about modern technology, and she went on to tell me a story about a psychic who says she has to isolate herself from any computers, electronic equipment or similar to conduct her work otherwise their “negative ions would affect her abilities”. 
Powerful Laptop Computer
“So Helen,”  I was asked, “do you find computers affect you when you’re doing spiritual work?”
I looked at her absolutely aghast, cradling my beloved iPhone in my hands like a precious jewel.
“No!” I exclaimed,  “I love computers, my iPhone is like a child to me and my laptop is my best friend!”
In fact, I have to use psychic shielding for my laptop and iPhone, because my energies can affect them!
She was a little surprised by my response, and went on to describe how all of the other “spiritual” people, psychics, healers and the suchlike that she had encountered, felt that technology and spirituality were incompatible, and surely did I not feel the same?
I have to ask – since when did we decide that technology & spirituality don’t mix?  This question puzzled me for some time.
Is it simply a modern rehash of the old fashioned rivalry of Church versus Science? I fear so.
Surely we have moved past the bad old days when the church insisted the earth was flat and scientists insisted it was round?
Even the Dalai Lama has been recorded as saying that he could not rule out the possibility that one day we could reincarnate as a computer.
Eye on Flat Panel Monitor
I also suspect there is an underlying technophobia among some of the older generation of psychics, therapists and mediums. People who perhaps never had any need to use computers and maybe feel a little alienated by the modern technology that many of us wield with such ease.
I was brought up with computers, owning my first PC as a teenager.  I can’t imagine not having a computer in the house, and the tendinitis in my right arm is testament to my dedication to fully participating  the modern technological age. Ha ha!
There’s no reason why technology isn’t spiritual – we are all spiritual beings, and everything in this world, including us, comes from the same universal source, so technology and science must be just as spiritual as everything else .
To me, the supernatural is just science that we haven’t worked out how to explain yet.
Do I have any volunteers to help me try?  =D