The Memory of Water

As you may have heard, we were fortunate enough here in the UK to have been visited just recently by none other than Dr Masaru Emoto.

For those of you not familiar with his work, in a nutshell, he has been studying the effect of thoughts and energy on water for many years.  He demonstrates the difference in the “memory” seemingly retained by water from different locations, and exposed to different energies (good and bad) by freezing water samples and photographing the individual water crystals under a microscope to compare them.


Unsurprisingly, water that had been collected from peaceful natural locations tends to produce beautiful crystals and water from polluted, unhappier areas does not.  

Equally samples of water exposed to kind loving words like ” I love you” produce much more beautiful crystals than a control sample, or a sample of water exposed to the words “I hate you” which conversely produced disjointed and rather ugly crystal formations.

His work is truly fascinating and some of his photographs are incredibly beautiful.

I was privileged to be interviewed by the great Andy Brine for my thoughts on his work, and how I see its relevance in my own holistic profession.

Here is the interview for you to enjoy…