The quest for Vitamin B12 – Brewer’s Yeast vs Nutritional Yeast

I just bought this super-duper Brewer’s Yeast that is guaranteed to give me super powers, cure all my ills and make me live forever. Or something like that.

Vegan senses a-tingling, I couldn’t wait to get it in my shopping bag.

I reckon the people at Earth Foods of Southbourne saw me coming … again.

Sadly, it doesn’t taste the same as the cheaper Nutritional Yeast I normally buy, which is a little disappointing. Why am I such a slave to my taste buds?!

If you’re vegan, or even vegetarian, chances are you have a tub of Nutritional Yeast in your cupboard. I honestly can’t live without the stuff. It was an instant love story (thank you Lindsay for introducing me to it!)

Nutritional yeast gives your food a lovely cheesy-yeasty-ish flavour, and you get your B-vitamins. What’s not to love?!

Vitamin B12 is a big deal for vegans – we have to supplement it in our diets. Watch any vegan get excited when they see B12 on a food label.

Not all Nutritional Yeast contains the magic B12 though, which is why I decided to try the all-singing, all-dancing Brewer’s Yeast instead.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m vegan and I don’t eat cheese. I don’t even want to eat cheese anymore, but the flavor of Nutritional Yeast is a bit special. It has a comfort food quality, and I find myself sprinkling it on pretty much everything with the exception of soya ice-cream.

This Brewer’s Yeast is a bit different though. The terrifyingly impressive nutritional content list takes up most of the label. It gets the job done with minerals, amino acids, all your B vitamins and some other stuff I’ve never heard of, but it tastes of virtually nothing.

“No aftertaste” the label boasts. Well, I kinda wanted some flavour actually…

I’m darned well going to eat it all, because it set me back £24! That’s $37 US for my friends across the pond.

The tub should last me a few months, and by then I’ll presumably be some sort of vegan super-hero, able to scale buildings in a single bound, and rescue hundreds of battery chickens in one “fowl” swoop.

I’m all for supplementing my diet, but I’d really rather it tasted of something a bit more exciting than brown sawdust. Regular Nutritional Yeast may not be quite so packed with the good stuff, but it is yummy.

Maybe I’ll just stick to eating Nutritional Yeast for the yumminess along with the other food love of my life Marmite, which does contain the magical B12, and save my pennies.