The Women Who Inspire Me

I love being self employed and running a business…well most of the time.

Sometimes, I have to admit, that it’s less than fun, a huge responsibility and it gets lonely in my home office, with nobody except my lazy, fat cat Evey and a stapler for company.

Being an entrepreneur is no bed of roses although there are many very obvious upsides, and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. No upper threshold on earnings, no boss to tell me what to do, I get to pick my own hours and do what I love for a living. No more 9-5 for Helen!

But sometimes, it’s a drag. Some days I can barely drag my ass out of bed let alone motivate myself to do any work. Not a good move when you have bills to pay, and don’t we all…

We all have difficult times when we lack motivation and our get up and go feels like it got up and went.  So when I’m hit with the business blues, I turn to my support network of friends, colleagues and contacts who keep me afloat when I’m sinking and heal my soul with their love and wisdom no matter what; I look up the women I admire and follow for their encouragement, sparkles and magical powers!


Jacqueline Fairbrass

My amazing life coach and business mentor – oh my goodness what would I do without her? She is a constant source of encouragement, sensible advice and a shoulder to cry on when everything has gone downb the swanny and I’m ready to throw my laptop out of the window. All hail to the Happiness Coach!

Caroline Cousins

Theta Healer extraordinare, friend and amazing psychic. Wow – Caroline gives me a virtual slap when I’m ready to throw in the towel and is more like family than a colleague, always has time for me (no matter how trivial my whinge) and has talked me down from several business ledges!

Eyenie Schultz

A fellow tall lady and amazing style inspiration. I bow to the Technicolor Priestess! Her articles always buoy me and bring magic and sparkles even on the darkest day. She even inspired me to go back to wearing bring lippy after a big confidence knock a few years ago. Go get ’em sister!

Michelle Nickolaisen

I was recommended to Michelle by the amazing Jacqueline Fairbrass, and wow – what an inspiration! The Bombchelle herself is not one to be messed with and her unique kick-ass style of business planning combined with her ebullilent and extravagant nature always bring a big grin to my face.  A fellow geek, X-Men fan and animal lover, if you need help with business planning (or a kick up the backside in the morning), hop on over to her site! Yowza!


(She really is)


There are so many other amazing, spiritual, wise and inspiration women that it was hard to pick just a few, and without the magical internet I probably wouldn’t have the privilege to know anywhere near as many.

So I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our online community of women in business – you ladies rock! You have no idea how much I appreciate everything you do. Keep writing those blogs, offering your incredible services and keep inspiring  other entrepreneurs to keep going in their darkest hour!

Three cheers for the online sisterhood!