Angel Wings Reiki for Pets & Animals

I often get asked if I can treat pets or animals with Angel Wings Reiki, and the answer is a resounding YES!

Your beloved fur-babies can greatly benefit from a session of Angel Wings Reiki.

It’s ideal, being non-invasive, completely safe and enjoyable too.

Whether your pet is recovering from an illness or injury, or just needs some emotional support during a stressful time, Angel Wings Reiki can help.

Here are a few of the things Angel Wings Reiki can help with:

  • Stress due to moving house, travel or changes
  • Nervousness / anxiety / low mood
  • Recovering from an operation or injury
  • Pain relief & comfort due to injury or illness
  • Healing from illness
  • General malaise

A session for animals is considerably shorter than for humans, and I can come to the animal’s home to minimise any disruption for them.

I can also send a distance Angel Wings Reiki session for animals. This is lovely for a sick or injured pet.

Animals usually only tend to need 15-30 minutes of Reiki depending on their size and health, although larger animals may prefer a longer session.

Animals love Angel Wings Reiki!

Many are instinctively aware of the Reiki energy, and cats in particular like to jump up and join in when I’m working on a human client.

When working on a pet or animal, they will tell you when they’ve had enough (although some just don’t want you to stop and fall asleep!)

They usually do this by getting up and wandering off!

Please Contact Me if you’d like more info or to book a session for your pet or animal.

Sessions for pets & animals start at just £15

Evey with Malachite

My Evey isn’t a cuddly cat, but she LOVES Reiki! Here she is with her favourite healing crystal, Malachite.