What Goes Around

“What comes around goes around.”

There’s so much truth in this saying. It’s much more than a cliché or something that you just say to comfort yourself when you’ve been wronged, it’s the natural law of the universe.

What you give will eventually be what you get – just maybe not today, and only if you let it.

I often see people after relationship breakups lamenting the fact that they gave so much, loved so much but it was never returned by the object of their affection.  Equally you may have helped a friend or shown kindness to a stranger and felt put out when the favour wasn’t returned or they didn’t even bother to thank you.

Don’t be discouraged! What you send out into the world, whether it’s kindness, love, affection, or even anger and hatred (eek!) will always come back to you one way or another.

The key phrase here being one way or another.

It’s much easier to see this once you learn that it’s not always the person you were expecting or hoping to return the favour or the love, that gives it back to you.

Love and kindness are never wasted, so please never stop giving them.  The Law of Attraction is very clear about this – what you send out always comes back.  Your thoughts and feelings are messengers to the universe, and it will  reflect them right back to you.

Yes, that’s right. Your thoughts and feelings directly affect and create your reality! Empowering isn’t it?

Luckily for us, positive thoughts and feelings are a lot stronger than the negative ones, so you don’t have to worry about getting cross occasionally. People who have done wrong and been cruel or unkind will suffer their own fate, don’t you worry about that.

But here’s the real clincher;

You have to allow yourself to receive the good that you’re due.

How many times do you refuse to let others help you? When have you turned down somebody who wanted to do a good deed? The universe can only give you what you actually allow it to! Stop blocking the flow of kindness and love, and let others help you!

I have to reiterate this last point rather a lot in my readings, often to women and frequently to mothers.

Giving is wonderful, but receiving is also necessary in order for someone to give!

Our society seems to be programmed that its ok to give but not to receive.

“To give is better than to receive.” they tell us.

What a load of cobblers! I want you to throw that saying away right now, and replace it with this one;

“Giving and receiving love make the world a better place.”

If everybody is busy trying to give and nobody wants to receive, the energy gets stuck and can’t flow like it should. How does that help anybody? It doesn’t!

Know your self worth – you are worthy of receiving, just like everybody else.

So next time you’re about to turn down an offer help, I want you to think very carefully about why you’re doing it. Do you believe on some level that it’s somehow “rude” or “selfish” to accept help and kindness?  Let me tell you right now – It’s not! In fact, you are giving the other person a great gift by allowing them to give to you!

You know that great feeling you get when you help somebody selflessly? When you show love, kindness and care? Lovely isn’t it. Makes you feel all warm inside. So, why would you deny those good feelings to another person by refusing to let them help you?

Now that is selfish!

Kindness and love shown to others always comes back  to you – as long as you let it.

What goes around really does come back around, but you need to remember get out of the way and let it happen!