What to do when it’s not working

Being self employed and working from home can be tough. You have 101 things to do, you try to organise your time as best you can, and you’re only accountable to yourself.

And if you’re anything like me, you have a pretty tough boss!

I have to discipline myself to stop working in the evenings, and remember to take a break when I’m in full flow. In my old office job that wouldn’t have happened very often, because I was always happy to walk away from my desk at the end of the day, but this is different. This is personal. I live, breathe and bleed Angel Wings Holistics!

I love my business, but right now it’s not working for me. I can’t seem to get my brain in gear and I’m procrastinating like mad – I’ve made food, faffed about taking about a  hundred pictures of my new haircut, fed the cat, redone my makeup and turned on the computer, but I can’t seem to get any meaningful work done.

I could feel the anxiety starting to build in me earlier as I realised I was wasting another working day – I need to earn money to live on, but I’m struggling to focus and do what I need to do today.


So what do you do when it all goes a bit wrong?

Well, first of all you cut yourself some slack.

We all have moments like these – we freak out, lose focus, it all gets a bit too much. And that’s OK. It’s only temporary. My first step is usually to take a deep breath, step away from the computer and make a cup of tea.


The next step, is to change something.

I’ve made a few tweaks to my plans for today, cut my tasks down to size on Flow to make them less overwhelming (thank you Michelle Nickolaisen!) and I’ll focus on a smaller and much more manageable to do list.

At times like these, it’s good to set yourself up for some easy wins. Setting yourself a nice simple task means that firstly you’re more likely to do it and secondly, a nice easy win will help to build your confidence, get you back on track, and d’you know what? You’ll be back in flow in no time!


Phew! I’ve remembered who I am, and how good I am at my job. My confidence has returned and I’m ready to get back into kick-ass mode again!

Every business owner I know has moments when it all gets too much, I hear a lot of stories about business overwhelm and procrastination. Hell, I probably tell a lot of my own stories about it too!

So don’t beat yourself up next time you find yourself having a freak-out or procrastinating. Step away, make a change, then keep calm, and carry on!




  1. Boy-oh-boy, can I ever relate!!! I love working from home, too, but it’s so easy to get distracted and lose your “flow” as you brilliantly call it! I like to “stop, drop and roll” as they taught us to do in case of a fire (primary school in the US 🙂 ) It is vital to avoid beating ourselves up! It’s during rough patches like this that we need to show the most self-compassion (easier said than done though, tee hee!) And good for you for overcoming the kink and coming back into your Flow! Thank you for this wonderful reminder!!! And I am curious about your new ‘do! 🙂


  2. Oh, I hear you! There are times when even cleaning the loo is preferable to actually get stuck into following up leads and making connections. And of course, the best thing is to own it and come at it again from another angle.

    I sometimes a visual aid. A chart on the wall with different projects and the steps or mini goals to get there.

    And I want that teapot!!!

    Thanks Helen for your cheery sharing.


  3. “Well, first of all you cut yourself some slack.”

    YES! Thank you! Exactly. I’ve been battling massive procrastination at the moment through my blog. And I realised, firstly, the above quote- that I’m being too hard on myself.

    But I also realised that I needed to figure out really and truly why I was procrastinating so much. And actually thinking hard and being honest with myself has helped me make SOME changes- as you said above.

    Oh and yes, confidence is a huge part of it a lot of the time.

    If you’re interested in some of my ideas on this, check it out: I’d love to hear your opinion 🙂



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