When Mother’s Day hurts…

Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration of loving and kind mothers.

It’s a chance to show your devoted mother some gratitude for all the love support and for all the times she was there for you.

But what if you mother wasn’t loving and kind?

What if instead of doing special things for you, she did special things for herself and ignored all but your most basic needs?

What if she was neglectful? Cruel? Abusive? What if she still is all those things?

Perhaps she has rejected you or refuses to accept you for who you are.

How can you possibly celebrate Mother’s Day when your own mother is a far cry from the fluffy messages at Hallmark?

It’s so unfair, why did you pull the short straw?

Well perhaps you didn’t.

I wondered this myself for many years, wanting to burst into tears at the sight of Mother’s Day cards in the shops and wrestling with myself over which one to buy when none of the poems or messages seemed to ring true for me.

But I learned that there is perfection in everything if you choose to see it.

You just have to take a giant step back and look at the bigger picture to see it.

Our soul chooses our parents before we are born. They are chosen to provide us with certain important lessons as we go through our lives on earth.

While these lessons may have been incredibly difficult and painful, they have made you the wonderful, loving person you are today.

You are who you are thanks to (or perhaps despite of) your mother and how she treated you.

She may not deserve a card this Mother’s Day, but you deserve the peace of knowing that your mother wasn’t sent to punish you; you are a pure and perfect child of God and you are loved by your true father-mother I’m heaven more than you could ever know.

You are beautiful and special even if your mother never made you feel that way.

For those of us without the mother we would have wanted, let’s take this day and claim it for ourselves.

Let’s make Mother’s Day a day to show ourselves the love and care we missed, and to learn from our mothers’ mistakes, to make the world a more beautiful place.

When Mother's Day Hurts