Your Angelic Wisdom Message – from my cats…

So I was just setting up for Card of the Day and I stepped out of the room for one minute…

All of a sudden there was this loud scratching noise, afraid a squirrel had got in, I ran back into the lounge only to find that Gracie had knocked my Angel Hair Quartz off the table and was scooting it all around the wooden floor with glee!

A moment later, her sworn enemy Evey came in and they both proceeded to sit on the windowsill together like old buddies. Evey chose to kick the green malachite on her way over the dining room table, stopping briefly for a fuss.

The cats have chosen their crystals for you today. There is definitely magic at work!

Enemies becoming friends, crystal magic… Anything is possible today!

Evey & Gracie on the windowsill

Interestingly, Malachite is a stone that I have to be very careful working with. It’s a heart healer in all senses of the word, but a super-powerful one so you have to go easy with it or it can be painful and overwhelming. It also doesn’t resonate well with most other stones, so I can’t put it too close to any other crystals.

The stone is a bit like Evey – she doesn’t really get on with other cats, she’s pretty grumpy and takes no prisoners – watch out for those claws! But at the same time, she’s always been there for me when I was alone and heartbroken.Evey has chosen a message of heart healing, enemies putting their differences aside and old grudges being let go of today.

Angel Hair or Rutilated Quartz is an amazing vibrational energy healer. It illuminates the soul and promotes spiritual growth & Angelic connections. 

Gracie is a much gentler soul and participates fully in my psychic work. Anyone who has come to my house for a reading is likely to have been flanked by Gracie the whole way though, and she sometimes climbs on the table to assist and pick cards (or drink out of my water glass!)

Gracie has chosen a message of illumination and love from the Angelic Realms which coupled with the healing from the Malachite brings us all closer to spiritual enlightenment and much kinder, gentler lives.

Today’s energy is looking beautiful, even though we may feel that we’re not totally in control. Heaven knows what they are doing, so relax and enjoy…

Rutilated Quartz & Malachite