Your Beach Reading

I’m on the beach, so it’s time for a beach reading!

No cards, just mother nature…

Today’s beach reading comes with shell wisdom from the sea.

The road ahead will be so much easier if you can take a step back and let go of the mad energy of the first half of this year.

The past six months have been crazy, and some people aren’t ready to let go of that yet and more fool them.

We have let go of negative people from our past who wanted to force us to conform to their view of how life should be – the ones who desperately wanted us to suffer with them, while we struggled to break free!

The break may have been tough on you dear ones, but you are safe now in the arms of the divine mother-father. Do not attach yourselves to the brokeness of others. You cannot fix them.

Leave them in their old patterns and move forwards to new horizons and the gentler time that we are working to manifest