Your Body Talks – Listen!

Recently I’ve not been online so much as you may have noticed. I’ve been absent without leave! Truth is, overall I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for a few days.

All last week, I could feel my energy dropping, and I had less and less get up and go – my energy and motivation had gotten up and gone! Despite this, I still kept trying to push forward, push on and work. But guess what – it wasn’t working.

As my interest in my work waned so did my ability to sit still, concentrate or focus. I started to panic – what has happened to me I wondered? Have I lost my edge? What’s going on!

I felt worse and worse over the weekend until my lovely man finally said to me;

“Sweetheart, are you unwell?”

“No,” I replied, “I’m fine I just have a really thick head and the vertigo is really bad today and I’m blowing my nose a bit and sneezing… ah.”

Yes, I was sick! I hadn’t noticed it but my body had slowly shut down and was clearly suffering with a case of the cold virus! Now you’d think that would be pretty obvious to spot right? Especially for somebody as in-tune and aware as me? Well yes, I would have thought so too so it came as a shock to me that I was the last to know!

I realised that I’d become so engrossed in my work and in pushing myself further, I hadn’t noticed my poor body decline into illness. I just dismissed the symptoms as my ego trying to distract me or my own laziness to be combatted. But nope – I was wrong. I was ILL!

It was something of a relief to discover that I was just suffering from the common cold rather than some unresolved issue holding me back and making me feel crappy!

“Thank heavens – it’s just a cold!” I thought “Echinacea! Stat!”

It was a bit of a wake up call that you can get so engrossed in one subject and one cause that you completely miss what’s actually going on around you!

To give you a little perspective, colds can be hard to notice when I catch them. Where I quit dairy a couple of years ago, I don’t suffer from mucus or a runny nose anymore, so without the obvious nose-trumpeting symptoms, it’s less of an easy-spot.

Finding out I was ill was a huge relief in another way too – it meant I could finally ease off and take some time out without feeling guilty! My body was desperately trying to make me rest properly but to no avail, so it put the brakes on and got sick!

So this cold has been a blessing for me. It’s made me slow down, reassess, realise that I’ve been waaaaay too hard on myself and that it’s time to stop and smell the roses once in a while. In business, it’s all too easy to get your nose to the grindstone and lose the joy and fulfilment that your original plan held for you. I’d lost sight of my joy and my purpose, but it’s back with new resolve.

I remember now – this is supposed to be fun! Thank you cold, you woke me up by ironically making me feel half asleep!

Our bodies really do talk to us, and they carry important messages if only we listen to them. it’s not enough to only listen to part of it or to ignore aches, pains or dizziness. Your body-temple is constantly providing you with a feedback mechanism for your daily life, so it’s time to remember to use it; not abuse it.