Your Card of the Day – Monday 13th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Empowerment.

Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Carnelian grounding our intentions into real life and making us stronger and more capable than ever.

This is a day for achievements! I believe in you and so do the Angels.

If you’re trying to make a new start in life, then this is your sign that you’re being helped by the universe.

If you’re up against it, dealing with challenges, know that you are supported and loved, and so much more powerful than you ever realised.

As long as you are acting for the highest good, you simply cannot fail.

Take your courage in both hands, and let your heart lead the way. Heaven will always guide you if you ask for directions, and with the Angels at your side, this is time to make a real difference for positive good in the world.

Open your arms to the universe, say YES to your own power and YES to joy!

Monday AWH


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