Your Card of the Day – Friday 1st May

Card of the Day today is Body Movement

Today’s crystals are Sodalite and Red Jasper grounding us in our bodies and helping us to let go of stress, and rekindle the fire of confidence and power within.

It’s time to get out of your head and into your body!

Are you worrying too much? Stuck like a record with stressful thoughts circulating in your brain? We all suffer with stress, anxiety and worry at times, and it seems to have developed into an epidemic in this day and age. We are over-stimulated under-rested and our last nerve is about to go…

Today is a day to spend some time letting go of stress, anger or worries through a physical pursuit. This could be dancing, singing, boxing, running until your feet want to fall off or a gentle but powerful yoga practice.

Your body needs some attention, and it needs to move so please listen to it’s request. When we stay still for too long, seated at a desk or station, we become stiff and our energy gets stuck and stagnates causing aches, pains and tension.

Allow your body the joy of free movement and expression in whichever way makes you happy today. You were not born to sit still for 15 hours a day! Get up and move!

Put on some music and boogie and the Angels will dance with you!

Friday AWH


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