Your Card of the Day Message – 10th August

Card of the Day today is Harmony

Today’s crystals are Ametrine and Clear Quartz crystal bringing balance, harmony and the clarity to our hearts and minds to enable us to always see the bigger picture.

Today is a beautiful day all about contentment and finding your balance in life, your relationships and within yourself. Today holds a huge potential for some new realisations which will help you for the rest of your life.

Feel the energy of Goddess Aphrodite shining down upon us. This day is truly blessed.

Struggle is not necessary, it never is no matter what we think. When we find inner harmony, the outside world will start to reflect it back to us through new supportive people in our lives, fulfilling work opportunities, and happy families and homes.

This is also a day for lovers and those in romantic relationships. Our heart chakras are wide open today, making us especially loving and compassionate to everybody around us whether we are in a relationship or not.

It’s a day when love rules the world, and many will find their soul mate reaching out to them on this date. It’s a day when new relationships with great spiritual potential will begin or perhaps move to another level or a deeper commitment.

To find the harmony within you, listen to the wisdom of your loving, sacred heart. Feel the deep and unconditional love of heaven emanate from your chest and feel it warm your whole being with the incredible uplifting feelings that only true love can bring.

Love is ultimately what will help us to save the world and bring all our lives back into balance and harmony. It’s not weak or wussy, being loving no matter what is a rare skill that requires great personal strength and is to be admired not looked down upon.

As our world is moving to a higher plane of spiritual understanding and wisdom, more and more people will be finding harmony in their lives by listening to the guidance of the heart.

May love and harmony prevail today.

1 Monday AWH