Your Card of the Day Message – 10th July

Card of the Day today is Vision – Guardian Angel

Your crystals today are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon egg helping to transmute negativity from your being and align you with the peace and purity of Heaven.

This wonderful card brings a vision of such hope for the future!

No matter how things may appear in the world right now, please know that a new time of peace, kindness and compassion is on it’s way. Can you imagine what it will look like? Can you visualise it?

Take a moment not to close your eyes and see the world at peace. A loving, green, clean, thriving planet with vast areas of wilderness, beautiful wild creatures and interconnected hearts and souls.

We are asked to help this to manifest by holding on to that vision.

By imagining this wonderful world to come, we help the universe to create it. The more of us that hold on to it, the stronger the vision becomes and the sooner it will become reality.

You are God, and as such you hold that divine creative power within you. As we join our heart together and vision, visualise a world where peace and compassion reign, we come ever closer to living in that world.

Today is also a day when many people may be experiencing psychic visions, or messages from their angels, spirit guides and from heaven. Please do not be alarmed, these abilities are natural and normal.

Listen to the messages coming from Heaven, and know that you are loved, you are divine and you have an important role to play on the path to peace.

Join hands with your Guardian Angel and they will show you how to make your life, and the entire world a place of joy, peace and kindness.

5 Friday AWH