Your Card of the Day Message – 11th August

Card of the Day today is Material and Spiritual Prosperity

Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Lepidolite helping us to bridge the gap between our spiritual and our physical selves, so that we can reach greater levels of accomplishment and abundance.

Following on from yesterday’s theme of balance and harmony, today’s message is a reminder from Heaven that to find true prosperity, we need all parts of ourselves to work together.

Never think that your spiritual side is in any way less important than the more tangible, physical or logical parts of you.

Your spirit, intuition and energy body are integral parts of the whole you, and must not be forgotten if you are to live whole, well and fulfilled.

It’s very sad indeed when we see people who have achieved great heights in their career or business, acquired large sums of money and perhaps fame or recognition too, but they still feel a deep yearning within their soul for the spiritual meaning which is missing inside of them. Sadly this may lead them to lose themselves in drugs, alcohol or other addictions to help fill the gnawing void

Without meaning and spiritual oneness, any material wealth or assets become hollow and meaningless trinkets, mere distractions from the sadness and emptiness left inside of us if we ignore our spirituality.

To achieve true happiness in this lifetime, and real fulfilment, we must make sure that the material and spiritual sides of our life are BOTH taken care of in order for us to truly thrive and live a life of abundance and joy.

Please remember that time spent meditating or connecting with your spirituality is never wasted. It is necessary to spend time in contemplation, spiritual practise or study to help you to feel truly whole and to achieve all you desire in life.

When both the spiritual and material are properly paid attention to, you will follow a path of abundance, joy and real prosperity.

Here’s to your happiness!

2 Tuesday AWH