Your Card of the Day Message – 11th July

Card of the Day today is Blessings of Abundance – Guardian Angel

Your crystals today are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon egg helping to transmute negativity from your being and align you with the peace and purity of Heaven.

Dear ones, there is more than enough to go around in the world today.

More than enough love, more than enough joy, more than enough food, shelter, water and peace.

Please do not listen to those who would fool you into thinking that we live in a universe of lack where we must deny others their basic human needs so that we can support those living in avarice and blind selfishness.

You are being led astray. Please do not listen to the negative messages of hatred, mistrust and fear.

The Universe is abundant beyond your wildest dreams. It is time to let go of all fears and remember that our greatest responsibility is to each other and to the world.

Not to your employer, your bank, your government or sovereign. Nobody is above you and nobody is below you.

You are all equal in the eyes of God, and when you allow others to fall by the wayside in poverty, suffering or hunger, the Angels cry tears of sadness, for they feel the pain of those left without.

It is not the Angels’ responsibility to make things right, because the world was already perfect when it was created for us. It is ours.

Take a moment today to remember and give thanks for the abundance of Heaven.

Donate some old clothes to a good cause, give money to your favourite local charity, buy the Big Issue or simply take a food parcel to a friend in need.

When we all work together, we will remember that with many hands working as one, there is never truly any lack.

We are blessed with abundance, and our love and compassion will ensure that nobody ever goes without.

6 Saturday AWH

Today’s message is humbly dedicated to Russell Brand and his work spreading love, kindness and knowledge to help open our eyes, and empower us to live in peace, harmony and abundance.

Angel Blessings to you dear friend.