Your Card of the Day Message – 13th July

Card of the Day today is Simplicity

Today’s crystals are clear quartz and blue lace agate helping us to clear our minds of any emotional clutter and stay peaceful in the NOW.

Clean out the cupboard of your mind! Get your duster out and sweep away the cobwebs, empty out the rubbish and take out the trash!

It’s a day today not to get bogged down in past hurts of future worries. Try to keep your thoughts simple and in the here and now.

Yesterday is gone, and you can’t change the past, Tomorrow isn’t here yet and you will do your best when it arrives.

Take a moment today to look around you. Stop wherever you are and just observe. Where are you? Look at the sky, look at the walls of the room you’re in, the colours, listen to the sounds around you. What can you hear, what do you smell?

Allow yourself to simply observe the world for a moment, as a child would. Just see without judgement, without worry and without pain.

As you become a calm observer, you’ll feel your stress melt away and the world will suddenly become a friendlier, simpler and calmer place to be.

Your life can be very simple if you allow it to be.

All change must begin within you, so start by decluttering your thoughts and find peace in simplicity.
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