Your Card of the Day Message – 14th August

Card of the day today is Fertility

Today’s crystals are Goldstone turtle and Sugilite bringing us the possibility of new abundance and a bright future.

Today is a wonderful day for getting ready for the next phase of your life! The day is full of potent energy and the Universe asks you to keep focussed on what you want.

There is magic in the air, and the day has an almost springtime feel to it.

The message from heaven today is that there is so much more out there for you in this world. You can achieve much greater levels of joy and abundance, and today is a good day for preparing, planning and setting the wheels in motion.

Ask you angels to help you to manifest any changes for the better that you need or want in your life right now. If you;re not sure what to ask for or how to change, ask your guardian angels to help and show you the way.

You can meditate, pray, perform a ritual or just silently ask for help in your head. How you ask for help does not matter, as long as you do it!

Because Universal law states that we have free will, the angels cannot help us unless we ask.

Make some time today to ask your angels for assistance, and use this day to prepare the fertile ground of your soul for the next wonderful chapter to come!

5 Friday AWH