Your Card of the Day Message – 14th July

Card of the Day today is Pets

Today’s crystals are Malachite and Angel Hair Quartz helping us to keep heart and mind in the present moment.

Our animal friends don’t usually suffer with stress. They can find peace in the present moment no matter what has happened to them.

They don’t care if they have 3 legs instead of 4, how old they are or where their next meal is coming from. They just live.

We have a lot to learn from our animal friends, and our pets are valuable teachers if we are prepared to pay attention to the lessons.

Spend some time today with your favourite ani-pal and observe. Watch your cat as she relaxes and stretches out on the floor as if it were a luxurious bed.
Watch your dog having a fantastic time chasing a stick or enjoying a bowl of chum.

There is so much to be enjoyed in this world. There is no need to worry.

Take a moment and breathe. Lie on your back on the grass with your animal friends and look up at the clouds. Enjoy the beauty and peace of the world and allow your pets to show you another way to be. How to hold your space and stay calm in a hectic world.

Our beloved animal brothers and sisters call out to us to learn from them today and each day, as we remember our true, divine, peaceful nature.

2 Tuesday AWH