Your Card of the Day Message – 16th August

Card of the Day today is Wisdom

Your crystals today are Angel Hair Quartz and Amethyst bringing us the ability to leave any negativity behind us and to accept the wisdom of heaven.

What is wisdom? Well most people think of it as knowing a lot of things, having spent time studying or learning.

Some may even take this a step further and say that Wisdom is knowledge applied.

Well yes, but there is more to this sentient universe than academic accomplishment and having a degree or letters after your name.

True wisdom is to know yourself.

Do you know who you truly are? I think you’d be surprised if you did.

You are much more than just a person living a ‘normal’ life. You are a sacred expression of the divine in human form, here to experience all that life has to offer. You are a powerful soul with the ability to bring love and healing or pain and destruction to others.

Please know that your power and reach are vast, and you really can change the world. The question is, how do you choose to be?

Do you choose to bring healing and assistance to those in need? Do you speak with love and compassion? Do you treat the people you meet as if they were your own family?

Too many of us are guilty of not living our truth, of walking by when we see suffering and crossing the road to avoid a homeless person. We close our minds to famine and disaster even when we are quite capable of doing something about it.

So your soul asks you today to get i touch with your inner wisdom, with the voice of the divine that lives within you but has been silenced or stifled by your education and upbringing.

Who do you truly want to be? What legacy do you want to leave the world? One of selfish consumerism and environmental destruction or one of love, healing and understanding?

The choice is yours…but make sure you know who you truly are before you decide.

7 Sunday AWH