Your Card of the Day Message – 17th August

Card of the Day today is The Cat

Today’s crystals are Sodalite and Rhodonite bringing us a more balanced view of ourselves in the world.

You can’t please everybody, nor can you save everyone who needs help. You don’t really need anyone else at all in this lifetime, and the cat is here with his message of independence and wisdom today.

The cat is wise because he knows that although he may enjoy company, he does not need it. Whilst he can bring help or healing, he doesn’t always choose to.

His boundaries are strong and clearly defined. If you do something he doesn’t like, you’ll know about it!

Cats are admired for their independence, but their solitary existence can seem a little bit lonely or aloof. The cat explains that this is not the case. He enjoys his own company, and encourages us to get comfortable with silence, with space, with being alone sometimes.

Your life is your own, not anybody else’s no matter what they, your teachers, society, parents or others may have told you. Your life is all about YOU and you do get to be selfish sometimes.

The cat knows that other people will be there when he’s ready to rejoin them for a fuss, some tuna or a little company.

Call upon the cat when you feel overwhelmed by other people’s demands on you, and he will help you to say no to others, employ healthy boundaries, and learn to put yourself first.
1 Monday AWH