Your Card of the Day Message – 18th August

Card of the Day today is Joy

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Sugilite reminding us that our joy comes from within our own inner heaven.

What a beautiful message to start the day with on a Tuesday!

Joy – one of my favourite words, but sadly missing all too often from our lives.

Society teaches us that joy is something to be chased after, that we must achieve, buy consume, please or grovel to deserve the tiniest crumbs of happiness.

This is simply not true. Joy is not a destination, it is not a reward or something you have to strive for.

It is within you right now and it always has been. The problem is that the world didn’t want you to know that or else how could they control you?

So they distracted you and told you that you’d lost your joy. They covered your eyes and ears to your own happiness and made you feel lost and confused. They said you weren’t good enough, and that joy was to be found at the bottom of an ice-cream tub, in the shopping mall or inside that new shiny car.

But they lied.

Joy is your very essence, the fabric of your being. You may have forgotten how to be one with your joy, and locked it up in an icy cavern, but I promise you it is still there and with a little work, you can prise open that treasure chest of joy that is waiting for you.

Ask your Guardian Angel to help you reconnect with the joy in your heart and make a conscious decision to live from a place of joy every day, and watch it come back into your life. It may only be a trickle at first, but welcome your joy with a beaming smile and open arms.

Joy is what you are, right here, right now. If you choose it.
2 Tuesday AWH