Your Card of the Day Message – 19th August

Card of the Day today is The Novice

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Clear Quartz letting us look at the future with optimism and the eyes of innocence.

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? Can you remember looking forward to so much in your life, and thinking that everything was wonderful, marvellous and exciting ready to be explored?

When did you stop thinking that way?

The world we live in has a nasty habit of quashing our dreams most cruelly and holding what we dearly desire just out of reach.

We convince ourselves that we can’t achieve things because the solutions are never given to us. Perhaps you didn’t get the encouragement, kindness or motivation you needed to keep going and work towards the life you really wanted. Maybe you were disenchanted after failures and scorn or decided it was best to toe the line.

The Novice is here today to remind you that it is never too late to start a new quest.

You can become the novice at any time in your life, and that is ok. Your life does not end when you hit 21 or when you leave education! You are not stuck with what you were able to scrape in your exams or the subjects that were available to you to study.

You are capable of so much more learning, discovery and adventure, so start feeling excited right now! Your journey isn’t over, it’s barely begun!

The whole world of unseen opportunity and magical possibility opens up to you today. If you’re not sure what to so, ask your Guardian Angel to help you to rediscover your excitement for life and the world.

It is time to be the novice once again. Let optimism, energy and curiosity once again fill your whole being, for a whole new soul journey awaits you now!

3 Wednesday AWH