Your Card of the Day Message – 1st August

Card of the Day today is Goose

Today’s crystals are Red Jasper and Rose Quartz bringing us the love and strength of our brothers and sisters.

Our beautiful feathered friends travel great distances that we can only dream of, and their stamina is incredible. But their wisdom lies in the knowledge of when to move and when to stop, when to rest and when to fly.

Goose is here with a message of great compassion and love today. She brings you the love of her feathered brethren and also their great wisdom.

Fighting alone against the winds is always a struggle, and the geese know that when you fly in formation, you help each other along. They each take it in turns to lead and help their flock.

Geese are kind and loving to each other and know that together we are stronger. As a flock they are safe from predators, they can take care of each other.

You are surrounded by your own flock, your own tribe whomsoever they may be. They may be friends, family, colleagues or even an online community. Allow yourself to rest now, and let others pick up the slack for you. You are not alone, and you don’t have to do everything. Even Superman had help sometimes.

It’s ok to accept help, and to remember that we are social creatures, we live in communities and societies, we are meant to talk to one another, to interact and assist.

You will help others when they need you, but sometimes you have to let others help you, however hard that feels!

Say hello to your neighbours, get to know the little old lady down the road from you, volunteer for a charity or join a local club.

When we make compassion and community our priority, everybody wins.

6 Saturday AWH