Your Card of the Day Message – 1st September

Card of the Day today is Worthiness

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Unakite reminding you that you are indeed lovable, special and worthy of all good things.

You are worthy of Love.

Yes YOU.

It’s all too easy to forget that we deserve good things, that we are worthy and deserving of love, money, material wealth and kindness. Some of us were never taught this in the first place – if you were not raised as you should have been, perhaps you were abused, mistreated or neglected, you may have always felt unworthy, unlovable and broken.

The Angels are here today to tell you that you are not bad, you are not broken and you most certainly are worthy of all the wonderful gifts that the Universe has in store for you.

Look at the Rose Quartz in the picture today – the Angels chose this stone, not because it was perfectly smooth or round, but because it is special. Look how it catches the light and seems to glow and shine with such beauty. These reflections are caused by its imperfections. This stone is battered, chipped and scarred, and yet it is more beautiful than the most perfectly tumbled stone.

You are perfect because of everything that you are.

Society, the media and big business would love you to believe that you are somehow not good enough, in need of improvement and unacceptable – simply so that they can convince you their products will solve all your problems. They will not.

You are a wonderful, shining star in the spiritual heavens and no amount of pain, suffering, mistakes or ‘imperfections’ can dull your light.

You are not flawed, you are unique.

And you are so very worthy.

2 Tuesday AWH