Your Card of the Day Message – 20th August

Card of the Day today is The Frog

Today’s crystals are Unakite and Rainbow Fluorite reminding us of the synchronicity of the universe and that all is one.

Well today’s card comes to you a little late! And with good reason. Just recently, I’ve been completely shattered, exhausted and drained. My body and mind are struggling and just getting up in the morning is sometimes too much.

Is this something you can relate to? I know that a lot of you are very sensitive to the energies and many of the other light-workers I know are suffering in kind at the moment.

Exhaustion is the word of the day, but everything happens for a reason.

There are huge and very positive energetic changes going on around us, and our poor bodies are trying very hard to keep up with them!

Next week we are in for a very powerful and emotional full moon, so hold on to your hats! We’re not out of the woods yet!

The Frog is here today to remind us that when we grow, we must cleanse on all levels.

You are growing in your spiritual power and psychic ability, whether you’ve been aware of it or not. I know many people are. It’s perfectly natural and nothing to be afraid of or worried about.

In order for your body, mind and emotions to feel better, we must also cleanse the environment around us. This could be as simple as de-cluttering a drawer full of rubbish, emptying your garage or could involve you participating in environmental clean-ups, litter picking or planting trees.

We must clear our physical clutter and clean up our physical ‘mess’ in order to clear our inner clutter.

What you do on the outside affects what is going on inside, and vice versa.

Always remember the natural law:

As above, so below.

As within, so without.

4 Thursday AWH