Your Card of the Day Message – 21st August

Card of the Day today is The Bard

Today’s crystals are Blue Goldstone and Aventurine reminding us that life is a rich adventure to be lived not just an existence we have to get through.

The Bard is here with stories to tell! He speaks of adventure, kings and queens knights of old!

But unlike the stories on the television which merely distract us from the drudgery of everyday life, the Bard reminds us that our entire life was supposed to be an adventure.

Do you remember when you were younger? Hoping for adventures, quests and excitement?

All of these things are still very possible and real. There may be no real dragons to slay, but the world is vast and there is still much for us to do.

So take a moment today to imagine what your next adventure will look like. What is it that you’d like to do?

It doesn’t matter how unrealistic it may seem to you, the universe has its ways of making dreams happen when we commit to them.

Spend time daydreaming and seeing in your mind’s eye what you’d like your future to look like!

In this lifetime we get to invent our own story, we don’t have to play along with somebody else’s pantomime. If you fail to get up and do anything, no bards will every sing songs of your exploits.

Your life is your story. The pen is in your hand… so start writing!

5 Friday AWH