Your Card of the Day Message – 22nd August

Card of the Day today is The Serpent

Today’s crystals are Ametrine and White Howlite balancing our health and wellbeing and bringing us the spiritual union of wellness on all levels.

The serpent comes to you today with an important message. He wants you to remember to take care of yourself and your health and wellbeing.

That may sound very simple and most people may say “Oh, I’m fine.” But you may not be as fine as you think. When we neglect our wellbeing, it will come back to bite us on the behind when we least expect it – and usually at a very inconvenient time, to boot.

Your wellbeing is not just your body either – your mind must be taken care of, you emotions, your happiness and also your spiritual self.

All aspects of you deserve and need love, attention and fulfilment.

The body is the one that most of us focus upon, because it’s the one everybody sees. Sadly our judgmental and look-obsessed society informs us that we must suffer to be considered ‘beautiful’ so we are cruel to our bodies, putting them through starvation in the form of ‘dieting’ or harsh ‘beauty’ treatments, poisonous injections, and chemical treatments to skin, hair and goodness knows what else.

Please show your body the love it deserves, and help it to feel good. You can do that by allowing it to relax and rest, and also by taking gentle helpful exercise such as yoga, pilates or swimming in the sea.

Your body also needs the right nutrition – sweet fruits, juicy vegetable dishes and lots of water will nourish your body and enchant your taste buds! Try to avoid the lower energies of animal products which will lower your vibration and mood, making you feel sluggish and heavy.

Your emotions and mind need so much more attention than they get – book in some counselling sessions, or perhaps read a self-help book on a subject that rings a bell for you.

There is much healing for us all to do, no matter how ‘ok’ we may think we are.

We all carry trauma and pain from the past and present, and we owe it to ourselves to put down the bag of rocks and move forwards baggage-free.

Your soul will speak to you through these activities, and asks that you pay attention to your intuition and inner voice of wisdom more often. You don’t have to become a monk but please make sure you honour the sacred in your life, and remember that you are a spiritual being.

Take care of yourself, and the world around you will begin to heal.

Others will be inspired by your example and may start caring for themselves, and others too. Children will learn that self-care is important and mimic your habits. The world will feel the energy lift and start to regrow and flourish in places where it has been damaged or devastated by natural or human sources.

When you take care of you, the whole universe feels better too.

6 Saturday AWH

Show yourself some love, and book an Angel Wings Reiki session with Helen today. 

Reiki works on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual bringing healing, oneness and a sense of wellbeing to make you feel wonderful on every level!