Your Card of the Day Message – 23rd August

Card of the Day today is The Deer

Your crystals for today are Amethyst and Angel Hair Quartz reminding us to show compassion to others and see them as the angels do.

The Deer is one of my favourite card, and animals. They are gentle, sweet and so beautiful.

Their sweetness and gentle ways are things that are too often missing from our lives, and yet they are such simple things.

It doesn’t really take much effort to be kind or gentle with others or yourself. It’s certainly not ‘weak’ to do so either although society would have us believe otherwise.

Some of the strongest and wisests souls are very gentle indeed – they are pacifists, activists for human rights and environmental causes. They care very deeply and stand for what it right.

Mankind is caught up in a living nightmare where destruction and selfishness are considered somehow ‘cool’ or appropriate. Fighting is not glamourous, and negotiation is always preferable to conflict.

There is little need for conflict or causing harm to others, and yet it happens all too often when people want their own way, and forget that other people are important too.

Look at the unnecessary wars waged by selfish, greedy politicians, the innocent lives taken, the harm and injury and destruction we are causing every day to our home planet.

This is our home, and we all live here. We are all beings with a right to life, to joy and to wellbeing yet we deny even the most basic human needs to others whilst enriching ourselves and feathering our own nests with unnecessary trinkets.

Gentleness, compassion and kindness of spirit are some of the strongest and most powerful traits a person can possess.

It is easy to destroy or harm, and much more difficult to repair, restore and put things right again.

Let us bring our focus to things that help rather than harm others and ourselves. After all, everyone is fighting inner battles that we know nothing about. Everybody experiences pain in their lives.

Rather than causing more suffering, use your energy today to bring healing and kindness to a world so utterly lost in pain and despair.

7 Sunday AWH