Your Card of the Day Message – 24th August

Card of the Day today is Angel Desirée

Today’s crystals are Aquamarine and Turquoise reminding us that the Universe always has our best interests at heart.

You are protected and taken care of. It may not seem like it, but Heaven is always on your side. You are never alone, abandoned or left behind.

Things may not be progressing as fast or as well as you might like at the moment, but Angel Desiree is here to reassure you that you have not been forsaken.

It isn’t the right time for many of us to be moving forward with plans today. The reasons why may become apparent later on, or not at all.

But know that everything happens in divine timing so even when you think something has gone ‘wrong’ or you are disappointed by a delay, you can take a step back from the situation and know that everything is happening exactly as it should, and that you will get where you need to be soon enough. And if you don’t, then perhaps you were never meant to.

Everything in the universe runs to Heaven’s timescales, which may differ drastically to our own!

Today is not a day to force or push things to happen, as we may be reckless or impatient. Spend time today considering your options and get ready to take action in the cold light of day tomorrow, with both eyes wide open.

1 Monday AWH