Your Card of the Day Message – 25th August

Card of the Day today is Angel Crystal

Today’s crystals are Jade Horse and Citrine bringing us hope and reassurance in a time of uncertainty.

Angel Crystals is here today with a message of hope and reassurance.

We have started the week with some difficult energy, but now is not the time to throw in the towel and assume that all your efforts have come to nought.

Keep working away at your projects and know that you will achieve what you have set out to, but things take more time and effort than we usually imagine – life has a habit of throwing us curve balls!

Don’t think of giving up just because things are hard, or taking longer than you thought. You are an achiever, and you can do so much more in your life, but you have to believe that the Angels will bring you what you need.

Hang in there today, and spend some time with your Guardian Angel meditating on your bright future ahead. Imagine what it would look like, sound like, feel like, smell like! Visualise your plans coming good and you will help the process along.

But if you quit now, the Angels can’t bring you what you want.

Persistence is key today. Don’t give up.

2 Tuesday AWH