Your Card of the Day Message – 26th August

Card of the Day today is Chantal the Love Angel

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Rhodonite helping us to find balance in our loving relationships.

Chantal is here to bring peace to warring partners and help us all to find balance in our romantic relationships today.

She comes with a big dose of Aphrodite’s peace and is here to help us to see the other person’s point of view whilst not forgetting ourselves.

This angel usually heralds new relationships and happy beginnings, but her task today is to reassure us that our relationships may not be broken beyond repair. There is much we can do to work together, sort things out and move forward in a new order of love and understanding.

Our consumerist society is so quick to write people off and move on to the next one, that we have forgotten how to work on the good relationships! We stick around with the wrong people, but when we find a good one, we fail to put the work in and we end up feeling bored, resentful or perhaps that the grass might be greener.

Many soul mates are coming together at this time to help with the spiritual progress of the entire world. A big part of this is releasing old karma from past lifetimes, which our soul mates will help us to do by coming into our lives and challenging us in new ways.

It’s time to rise to the challenge! If a powerful soul mate is in your life, one who truly makes you feel alive, and as if the world was in 5D colour, then you own it to yourself to do your best to sort out any problems with the help of a counsellor, relationship expert or perhaps even a self help book.

It’s time to forget bad habits of our relationship past and learn a new way to be in loving soul mate relationships – tolerance and consideration will always take us further than smart comebacks and silence.

3 Wednesday AWH