Your Card of the Day Message – 28th August

Card of the Day today is Mystique the Unicorn

Today’s crystals are Tiger’s Eye and Blue Goldstone reminding us that there are great mysteries of the universe for us to discover!

The Universe is so more vast and abundant than we could ever imagine!

You can achieve your goals, and you really can have it all and be a kind, generous person who makes the world a better place. Yes, this is possible so please pay attention!

Mystique is here to herald a new world order. A new world of community and kindness, compassion and cooperation where we all work for ourselves, for spirit and for the world.

This is a time of remembering that we have been here before – this is not our first lifetime for most.

You hold within you great wisdom from times past, previous lives, other existences, maybe even other planets.

There is so much within you to be explored, expressed and enjoyed! The inner journey of discovery is just as exciting as any physical travel!

Take some time today to meditate and ask Mystique to show you the secrets of the universe, and the hidden gifts and wisdom of your soul. Then watch over the coming days, weeks and years as you discover who you truly are, and grow and blossom like the beautiful, heavenly lotus-flower that you are.

5 Friday AWH