Your Card of the Day Message – 28th July

Card of the Day today is Boar

Today’s crystals are Malachite and Blue Lace Agate

Brother Boar is strong and persistent, brave and swift to act. He does not hesitate or doubt himself. He is stubborn in his convictions and will always follow through.

He is here to help you to uncover the truth today. He brings you the strength and the determination to root around in the undergrowth and sniff out the gems of wisdom that hide in the rotting leaf matter.

He is He brings you his gifts of direct action, courage and speed today. There are no half measures with Boar.

Boar is your sworn protector, your defender from the forest. He will search out the hidden truths in your life and help you to face them head on.

He may look ungainly and fat, but he is a powerful beast capable of great speed and inflicting mortal wounds to his enemies.

With Boar as your guide today, you will uncover the hidden truths and blast your opponents out of the water! Nothing can stop you when you have Boar at your side.

2 Tuesday AWH