Your Card of the Day Message – 29th August

Card of the Day today is Daniel the Angel of Marriage and Relationships

Today’s crystals are Blue Agate and Ametrine reminding us that there is divine balance in the universe.

When something is out of balance, the universe will do it’s best to restore equilibrium.

Look how grass tried to grow through tarmac and concrete, and how nature tries to regrow and repopulate areas of habitat that have been destroyed or damaged by our ever-growing desire to consume.

We have put this planet so far out of balance that she is struggling to maintain the life that lives here, and sadly that also includes our own.

Angel Daniel is here to ask us to help our mother earth, but bringing balance into all parts of our lives, starting with our relationships.

For too long now we have lived in patriarchal societies where the Yang or male energy has had far too much influence and power. The gentler divine feminine Yang energy must be rebalanced with its male counterpart if the world is to survive.

You can help with this rebalancing by looking at your own life and helping to restore the balance of energies within yourself, your personal relationships and your community or country as a whole.

Support oppressed minorities, and fight for justice, quality and fairness for all.

Once we restore the balance of this sacred marriage of masculine and feminine within our own hearts, the world around us can finally change for the better.

You are so much more powerful than you think. The changes you make within yourself will ripple across the fabric of time and space and be felt in the farthest reaches of the universe.

As Above, So Below.

As Within, So Without.

6 Saturday AWH