Your Card of the Day Message – 29th July

Card of the Day today is Road Runner

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Rose Quartz bringing positivity and joy back into our lives and helping us to appreciate our many blessings.

Wise roadrunner is swift of foot and beady eyed. He takes what life throws at him as his lightweight body races across the desert in search of prey. He rejoices in the hot sunlight.

Roadrunner’s message for you today is to bless the life that you have.

It is more than OK to want more than you have and achieve your goals, but first you must be content with whom and what you are.

Bless your life and everyone in it today. Be thankful for everything that you have, your friends, your family, the roof over your head, the food on your plate, the legs that carry you and the eyes that read his message.

Roadrunner is a bird confined to the land. He cannot fly properly like the other birds, but he doesn’t let that hold him back. He understands that life is a journey and a fun adventure. He makes the best of his lot, and runs using his strength and determination to find food in his own way.

He teaches us today to take things more lightly and remember we are already blessed in many ways, even if some blessings are less obvious than others.

He also brings inspiration and new ideas if you are feeling stuck or stagnant. Like this little running bird who found he could not fly, so you will find ways around your problems and overcome any challenge in your life.

3 Wednesday AWH