Your Card of the Day Message – 2nd August

Card of the Day today is Dog

Today’s crystals are Sodalite and Aventurine reminding us that our needs are important and that we matter.

Dog is the loyal follower and companion. Always ready and eager to please, to do his bit and help where he can. He is the loving trustworthy soul.

Many people are feeling great exhaustion at this time, and not without due cause.

This century has been a tiring one indeed, and among the light workers, sensitives and healers in particular, there is a general feeling of burn-out, a deep tiredness and a longing for peaceful rest.

Energetically, we have gone through many changes these past few years, as our souls are literally growing. Like children after a growth spurt, you may feel extra tired or cranky at the moment and feel like you really need a holiday.

With all the changes going on in the world right now, and as our collective consciousness is being raised, the helpers among us (that is probably you if you’re reading this right now!) have found themselves extremely busy running around after all and sundry, as people seem to lurch from one drama to another, and disasters are all around us.

There has been great suffering around us, and we have all tried to hard to help and support those that we care about.

Unfortunately, many of us have been taken advantage of, used, abused and drained by less evolved souls who have leeched from us, and many of whom call themselves politicians or seek positions that put them in charge of others.

You cannot serve too many masters, in fact the only master you should ever serve is your own soul.

Your inner wisdom will guide you to the people genuinely deserving of your help, and remember that sometimes the right thing to do many not be what you think you should.

Right now, please rest and gather your strength for you will need it in the times to come.  Your love and kindness has not been ignored and Heaven is aware of the sacrifices you have made for others.

A kinder time is coming to this world, and partly thanks to you and everything you have done, no matter how small the gestures of kindness and compassion may have seemed to you.

But for now, please rest. It is time to recuperate, to heal your fragmented soul and take shelter with your pack until you are strong again.

7 Sunday AWH